DAUM&CO is a top-tier global management consulting firm based in Melbourne, Australia, and for the past two decades, we have delivered impact to our global clients to meet their evolving needs. We have helped clients achieve extraordinary results.

We have deep industry knowledge and specialised expertise in strategy, growth, leadership, innovation, operations, and organisational transformation.

We create lasting value through experience, engagement, and delivering simplicity, through embracing ambiguity and thriving in the uncertain. Everything we do is designed to help deliver our clients ambitions.

At some point, virtually every organisation will face a situation where they have no clear solutions to their challenging strategic problems; we have spent decades helping clients look at these challenges in new ways, to produce breakthrough insights and deliver both innovative and practical solutions.

The talent of our people makes the difference. We invest in our capabilities to bring an even more empirical and data driven edge to our insights. We have deep capabilities and expertise in implementation, agility and speed, capability building, and transformation.

We work with some of the world’s most successful organisations and their leaders on the issues in which drive their performance and value.

Our ability to effectively address our clients’ most important business issues has paid off:

  • More than 94% of our engagements stem from repeat clients or referrals. Although every client and engagement are different, our focus is always on creating impact and lasting value.
  • We have a joint team delivery approach, where client ownership and engagement are paramount. We uplift our clients capabilities with implementation coaching and skills- building workshops. Partners are highly engaged in the work product and bolstered through strong analytical and industry relevant capability. We work as advisors and catalysts in close, trust-based relationships, alongside top management teams.
  • We help clients achieve extraordinary results. We bring our clients’ toughest challenges the acumen, rigor, and preparedness, of a premier global management consultancy―and along with the spirit, courage and imagination of a world-class innovation firm.
  • We are engaged when our client’s ambitions are high and the path to get there is vague and unclear (or taking too long). We understand that lasting capabilities are just as, if not more important as initial impact.
  • We have an uncanny ability to replace uncertainty with clarity.
  • We create lasting value through execution; leaving leaders feeling confident and in control.

Leaders understand that the new technologies, landscape and behaviours demand constant innovation. We bring innovation and differentiated capabilities that help our clients create value, deliver business outcomes and improve performance.

We achieve on-going success for our clients, because we make an impact. We don’t just design the plan, we execute it too. Strategy without execution is a promise unfilled.

There are many that will talk about what’s possible, what might happen, and what it might take to achieve your goals, and some even write it down. Then there are those who execute, those who can realise the benefits of the talk and deliver real results. We create plans with the steps necessary to make lasting change, and then utilise our skillset to execute and deliver.

We work collaboratively with our clients, and never rush ahead. Paying attention to how change impacts people is vital, and aligning to our clients ‘business rhythm’ is essential. We know that ‘business rhythm’ matters and it needs to be delivered conjointly.

Knowing ‘who you are’ makes all the difference.

Delivering change at at the right cadence makes it meaningful, engaging, and ensures lasting impact. We show our clients how today’s market realities can energise their organisations and people.

This is what we believe matters most.

Strategy and Transformation
Making the right choices, solving the right problems, building advantage, and creating organisational clarity through a customised and tailored approach. It cannot just be about corporate theatre, and impressive documents, but instead a clear direction of travel. Strategy ignites action, finds targets, determines futures, and establishes the right customer promise.

/ Vision and purpose
/ Values
/ Strategic analysis
/ Strategy and planning
/ Growth
/ Business model innovation
/ Financial modeling
/ Digital strategy
/ Corporate center and shared services
/ Portfolio management
/ Family business
/ Business unit and function strategy
/ Value capture and activation
/ Finance excellence and CFO services

Board Advisory
Board governance continues to evolve and change alongside shifting business and the evolving strategic requirements. Boards need to ensure they are having the right conversations, with the right behaviors. That they spend more time “problem finding”, not “problem solving”.

/ Board effectiveness
/ Board dynamics
/ Board consulting
/ Board assessment
/ Board surveys
/ Family Boards
/ Board Benchmarking

Operations, Implementation and Performance
The pressure to be efficient, productive, and nimble and quick, will never let up. Agility, speed, and productivity matter, because it delivers dramatic, measurable, and positive results. It is not about what you know, but what you do with it. Without implementation, strategy is just an event.

/ Manufacturing + Lean
/ Supply Lean
/ Management operating systems
/ Maintenance
/ Service operations
/ Cost optimisation and transformation
/ Capital assets and projects
/ Procurement
/ Product development and R&D
/ Industry 4.0
/ Complexity management

People, Leadership, Organisation, and Change
We design and build organisations that make better decisions; arm them with new insights and expertise, and shape culture that amplifies impact on their performance. Strategy is of little value, without implementation.

/ Values and capaibilities
/ Developing leaders
/ Talent and coaching
/ Team orgnaisation
/ Culture and behavior
/ Engagement
/ Organisation design
/ HR function excellence
/ People effectiveness
/ Agile
/ Transformation
/ Change enablement
/ First 100-days

Growth (Organic and Acquisition)
Organic growth is the essential and is imperative to long-term advantage; it is the single most important driver of share price and the one non-financial base factor that makes investors take notice.

History reminds us that business consolidation is inevitable, so why is it that most acquisitions destroy value? The management of acquisitions is one of the hardest and complex tasks in business, yet the most successful organisations are the most acquisitive. Mergers may be the truest test of leaders, executing one is nothing short of heroic, and we’re here to help.

/ Growth strategy
/ Innovation and product development
/ M&A strategy
/ Merger integration
/ Divestitures
/ Joint ventures and alliances
/ Shareholder value strategy

Marketing, Sales and Pricing
Organisations are not just what they say or represent, but what they do, and what they make possible for their customers. Customer-centricity must now guide all activities in an organisation—growth is more than magnitude and size, it is about enabling progress.

/ Sales
/ Customer value proposition
/ Loyalty and customer experience
/ Pricing
/ Marketing
/ Customer strategy
/ Experience innovation
/ Customer lifecycle management
/ Service innovation
/ Product-to-service outcomes
/ JTBD and ‘job-based’ innovation
/ Channel transformation
/ Revenue enhancement
/ Customer acquisition

We take tremendous pride in our work alongside our ongoing impact. We are always delighted to provide references, references that span two decades.

Further to this, we are would be delighted to walk any prospective client through a structured program of client vignettes, that demonstrate how our work has delivered value in a diverse range of situations, industries, geographies, and environments.

These vignettes are structured as mini-workshops and open discussions, they share our approach, the impact, outcomes, and experience of the engagement. Each workshop speaks to the key elements of consulting projects including learnings, wisdom, experience, things that worked, and things that did not, essential components, preparation required, and approach. The process provides immense insight, latest thinking, sustainability attributes, thought leadership, and “how it felt”; the client experience.

While detailing a project, these sessions enable participants to understand how to obtain better outcomes, create catalytic conversation, increase clarity, and gain a deeper understanding of what “these types” of projects are like. These sessions also offer an overview of the project’s methodology, alongside approach, sequence and most importantly the value that was delivered.

Through participant feedback, we have learnt that our client vignettes help prospective clients gain a better understanding of how to manage the demands of their proposed projects and how to look at change differently. Our objective for these client vignette “mini-workshops” is for participants to be able to better prepare, design and deliver consulting projects, thereby improve action, make better decisions, increase intuition, and work together towards longer lasting results.