Meet DAUM&CO. We are an Australia-based global top-tier generalist management consultancy, recognised the world over for high quality management thinking and innovation. Like many things DAUM&CO started from a passion and a dream—a place where ideas meet and a home for business imagination, where things matter, where things are easy to see, and where problems get solved.

Our consulting approach is inspired by the unique vision and challenges behind each of our projects, and our business is built on a rich harmony of values intrinsic to making us exceptional at what we do: we value business thinking, we value outcomes, and we value our people. We believe at the core of all our endeavours, that there are limitless possibilities and that each challenge faced is a new business opportunity.

‘The dream’ is an integral part of the DAUM&CO philosophy. We take the raw material of dreams and make them possible—and we do this through the talent and energy of our incredible people: there is no business synergy without creative collaboration. We offer our people the freedom to imagine and we enable them to take ownership of their dreams, which in turn allows us to reach further and aim higher.

From our head office—located in Melbourne, Australia—we work with leaders on issues that most drive their organisations; it’s a place where the minds of craftsmen and experts of all disciplines can collaborate on creative projects. By assuring the roles of catalysts, thinkers and facilitators DAUM&CO reinvents itself with each new chapter and inspiration.

We are proud of our past, our people, our work, our clients and the impact we have on the world.