Speed, Agility and Productivity

The pressure to be efficient, productive, quick and nimble will never let up. Leaders are continually trying to understand what ‘slows them down’ and find ways to become more responsive and flexible, and how to come up with better, faster processes.

Speed and agility matter because they translate directly to employee productivity and customer satisfaction. Once these efficiencies are set in motion, the organisation gathers the momentum it needs to propel itself into the future, giving it the capacity to flexibly and continuously adapt.

The most agile organisations focus on customer service, reflexive change and process. To be successful, agility requires the support of an effective framework and structure and forward-thinking performance management. These factors are key to formulating appropriate responses to different challenges and demands, and finding new ways of delivering value.

The benefits of pursuing agility are clear: dramatically improved productivity, innovation, reduced complexity, decreased operating costs, faster cycle time, employee and customer satisfaction, and higher quality of product and services for customers.

Most productivity strategies or programs seem to be the same as they were ten or twenty years ago. Things often look and feel the same as they did then. Programs intended to improve things seem to ebb away, without producing the desired results. In fact, sometimes it seems as though the harder you try to improve, the worse you perform.

Our approach will prove a remarkably powerful way to help you and your people understand where you are right now, and to translate that understanding into consistent, complementary, and far-reaching actions. The paradox of organisations with great strategies and great people, but lackluster performance can be resolved by delving inside the organisation to unearth the true root causes of its problematic behaviour and mind-sets—and by engaging your organisation as a whole in the struggle to eliminate them.