Discover Who We Are

DAUM&CO is a generalist global business advisory and management consulting firm based in Melbourne Australia. Our business is built on the values that harmonise organisational performance and enable business to dream large and succeed: smart, strategic thinking, a singular focus on delivery, and our people, who know business and will bring innovative solutions to yours.

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DAUM&CO is unlike any other top-tier management consulting firm. We take pride in our individual approach and help our clients to see their business differently. We help our clients achieve excellence by showing them how today’s market realities can energise their organisation and people.

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We advise our clients on the issues that matter most; we identify the elements that impact upon client performance on short, medium and long-term value; we bring original, independent and unique expertise that allows our clients to maximise opportunities and surpass the everyday challenges that leaders face. 

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We assist our clients to re-discover their business potential and widen their appeal through innovative design. Design thinking is about reaching further and cultivating new audiences in order to grow
and build business response in fresh and creative ways. To learn more about our ideas, please get in touch here.